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My name is Joy.My husband & I have been missionaries in Ecuador for the last 30 years.I wear the hats of wife,mother,nana & teacher.

I started designing my own kits in 2014.In May of 2015, Memory Mosaic was born.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

My Memories June Blog Train...

The My Memories  Blog Train is leaving the station!  
Don't get left behind! We have a GREAT train, this month.  Here's the easiest way to make sure you grab all the great freebies in this train.
  • visit each designer’s blog or FB posting for their preview & special link to their MM store
  • click on the link provided
  • place their gift in your shopping cart
  • check out when you have all the gifts collected
My Memories is a great software for your digital scrap booking, craft and printable projects. BRAND NEW Version 9 is awesome!
Here is a link to download the trial version or to purchase if you are ready.  LINK
Here is a link to MM Suite software tutorials on u-tube: LINK
Ready to Purchase? Use code:  STMMMS13734  – LINK
Buy My Memories Suite now and get:  $10 coupon for the Design Shop.  Plus get the 1st Month Free to the Design Club!

Here is Memory Mosaic's contribution to this month's Train. 
Click on the image to grab this month's mini kit.

This month's mini kit is part of my brand new "Sew Pretty" collection...
It is has 20 papers digital papers, 40 elements and an upper case set of lace edge letters.
You can purchase it separately or in a combo pack.  
Check it out here.  It is on sale at 20% off through June 26. 
Click on the preview to find the collection in my shop. 

Now here are the rest of the links for this month's Blog Train!


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

My Life...

Hi Friends!  Some of you may know that, our family has suffered a terrible loss.  On March 26, my precious Mother suffered a massive stroke and on April 3, after spending a week in ICU, she flew home to heaven.

This has been one of the hardest roads I have been asked to walk to this point in my life.  My Mom had a long and beautiful life.  She was never sick and very active, having taught a class of 4 year olds, just that Sunday, the day before her stroke.  We are all so very thankful that she did not suffer, but the sudden, unexpectedness of it all has hit us very hard.

I stepped away from scrapbooking for a bit, and I am just now starting to get back into it, some.

Here is my first combo pack, since my life was turned upside down.  It is simply named, "May Day".  You can find it in my store.  It is available separately or bundled.  I have set it at an introductory price of 20% off, for the first two weeks.  I hope you like it!!

Blessings, Joy

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Be Blessed

I just uploaded a lot of new products to the store that coordinate with my Be Blessed collection.
Besides the combo packs, Mini packs and extras, there are borders, clusters, paper stacks and frames.  There are 20 page photo book templates and a smaller 10 page Photo Album. 

This whole collection is 20% off, through March 31!

You can find Be Blessed in my My Memories Store.

Here are some previews.  Be sure to scroll down to the end to grab the cute FREEBIE!! 😉

 Here's your FREEBIE...

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Working on a new kit... Comment to win!!

Here's the view on my computer screen this evening... I am working on a new kit, hoping to finish it up by the week-end.  This one is going to have a "Whimsical Garden" feel.  Fairies, butterflies, mushrooms, flowers, glitter, and fun. 

I struggled a bit for inspiration for this kit, but I think it is finally starting to come together. 
Leave a comment and let me know if you have any particular ideas about what I should include.  Everyone that leaves a comment with an idea that ends up in the kit, will be entered into a drawing 
to receive the kit for FREE.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Milly's Garden Collection

It is the last day of February!  Hard to believe.

Today, I would like to share one of my all time favorite collections with you and a FREEBIE.  It is one of my earlier kits, made the first year I started designing, but it is still among my very top favorites!

Milly's Garden was named after one of my grand daughters.  It is a vintage collection, divided into 3 combo packs.  There are a total of 15, 12x12in. digital papers, and 79 page elements.  You may purchase the combo packs separately or bundled together.

 This collection also includes 3 photo book templates in 3 different sizes, 2 smaller photo album templates, a set of paper stacks, and couple small "Extras" packs.  You can find the whole collection here 

Scroll down to find the FREEBIE.  It will ONLY be FREE through Tuesday, March, 6.

Milly's Garden Combo 1

Milly's Garden Combo 2

Milly's Garden Combo 3

There are 3 Photo Book templates and 2 Photo Album Templates.

Set of 4 paper stacks

Here is a FREEBIE for you!!  It will ONLY be FREE through Tuesday, March 6!!
Click here to grab yours!!


Here's some inspiration for you.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Photo Editing Programs and Digital Scrapbooking

In the post about Digital Scrapbooking software, I shared links and information about 3 very affordable, Digital Scrapbooking specific programs.  These programs are awesome and for many, they do everything you would want to do.  

A lot of people though, who love digital scrapbooking, use Photo Editing Software to make their layouts.  These tend to be a bit more pricey, but then they also give you more creative ability.  The other side, is that they also all come with a bit of a learning curve.  There are many different options when looking at photo editing software.  There are free versions all the way up to the Grand Daddy of them all, Photoshop!  In this post, I am just going to focus on 3.  

Most of them have a 30 day FREE trial period, where you can download the product and try it out for 30 days.  When I was first starting out this is what I did.  I tried, out a couple programs, working with only one at time, and then made the decision of which program I wanted to go with.  Each program will have tutorials on their websites, but the problem with most of these, is that they are geared to Photo Editing, and not Digital Scrapbooking.  So I am going to post some links below for a few sites I have found that offer FREE program specific, Digital Scrapbooking tutorials.  

Here are the programs I am focusing on: 

GIMP, (which is actually a FREE photo editing program).  You can find GIMP here if you would like to check it out. 

Here is link for free digital scrapbooking tutorials, using GIMP

Adobe Photoshop Elements, which is a great program with a lot of great features.  You can find a link here to purchase, or download a free trial.   

Here is a link for free digital scrapbooking tutorials, using Photoshop Elements: 

Paint Shop Pro, is the first photo editing program I tried.  It is also a great program, with tons of great features.  I have many designer friends who use it and love it.  You can find a link here to purchase or download a free trial. 

Here is a link for free digital scrapbooking tutorials using Paint Shop Prohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzzo95ZS5xs
There are lots of classes and tutorials out there that you can sign up for. Just google for them.  I came across tons, but I'm not going to link them to this page, just because I haven't personally taken any of them and I don't know how they are.
The most important thing is to just jump in and have fun.  Once you get some basics down of how your program works, you will learn the most, just by playing with it.  So jump in and have some fun! ;)
If you find some good tutorials and would like to share, feel free to add links in the comments.  :)

*NOTE:  Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro can be purchased from a lot of different places.  I purchased both of mine from Amazon.  If you do the Free trial from the company, you don't have to purchase the program from them.  Shop around for the best deal! :)

Friday, February 23, 2018

Summer Carnival

Today, I would like to highlight, my Summer Carnival collection.  The basic combo pack contains 12 digital 12x12inch papers, and 29 page elements.  You can purchase it as a combo pack, or separately if you just want the paper pack or the elements pack.  My wonderful Creative team, as taken this set and made 2 border sets, a cluster set, paper stacks, quick pages, book marks, and a facebook cover!!

As a kid, I had the opportunity to live in a small town in Middle Tennessee for 3 years.  This kit was inspired by the wonderful memories I have of the County Fair that took place every August.  It was definitely a magical place!   The kit is perfect for scrapping any of your special trips to the fair, a visiting carnival or an amusement park, or even a trip to the circus.  It would also work great for scrapping carnival/circus themed birthday parties!  Click here to find the whole collection.

29 elements included in the combo pack, or available separately.

12 full-size papers, included in the combo pack or available separately.

Quick Page Pack

Paper Stacks Set (these are flattened .jpg files)

Cluster set

border set 1

border set 2

Book Mark Set

Facebook Cover

Photo Book Template, comes in 3 sizes, 12x12in, 8.5x11in, 11x8.5 in.

Here's a little inspiration for you 😊